The origin of WatsOnArt

Automatic City is an urban space in a parallel reality, where Josie Watson recreates places transforming them with her personal gaze. She was born in 2008 when she traveled to Australia where the dazzling city of Sydney planted a question in her mind: “Why (her father had decided at 17 to travel alone to) Buenos Aires?” The paintings are born from the observation of a man born by chance in a territory that does not really belong to him. The undulating colors and patterns take random, circumstantial, occasional forms to the reality that the young artist contemplated in her hometown where she grew up feeling strange to the distant landscape that contained everything that was beyond the limit of her ocular iris.

Automatic City is an organic, corroded, changing, tangible and unpredictable city, like the being that builds it, destroys it, occupies it, inhabits it, builds it, honors it and travels it. Chaos, tension, deterioration and water are the aesthetic factors that the artist uses to transport herself to that city where each of these concepts acquires a personal meaning.

Augmented Reality in this series of paintings allows Josie Watson to incorporate her identity as a young millennial of the 21st century using all facets of her perception: the real world and the multimedia world (photos, videos, sounds and music) to express her experience of the city in which she was raised.

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