You have done so much for me
First step, you betrayed me
And so I narrowed
And coming in of the sun
You hurted me
I could not see
I could not pass my own way
I tried and blamed myself
So much
I felt in love
With you

And so, you betrayed me again
And my heart bursted
And my faith definitely died
There was nothing else
There was no one else
And so I walked alone
For years
Not knowing I was still mourning
Not knowing you were making me free

On a sudden glimpse of light
After…. so long
I see the sunray and feel it as a childhood treat
Maybe a prize for being clever, most likely
But I know there is something different this time
What is it?
Is it maybe you?

A stranger I would have never ever thought of
A casuality of time and a cleaning duty
Just a random situation
That might… restore my heart?

And yeah, there you are,
I skipped your appointment
I rather invite you out
Sure, always ethic
I always do things right
Would you dance?

M. López

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