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“WarschauerStrasse” Auction sale
“WarschauerStrasse” Auction sale

"DIREKTE AUKTION II" LINK TO THE AUCTION HERE A painting of the new artwork by Josie Watson inspired by the city of Berlin goes out for sale on "Direkte Auktion II". Double debut, this is the first painting of the series to be presented in public and also it is the...

Back to Monopol
Back to Monopol

// Studio in Berlin: Monopol In June 2021 I resumed my activity at "Monopol of the people" a complex in the Reinickendorf area that offers art spaces to visual artists.Despite repeated waves of COVID and the unpredictability of how long they will let us use the...

// Berlin – Time has another art

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// Notes to Self


Darkness used to be a place Forbidden words, forbid3n souls, A creature wishing to be alone Oxygen hoping never to be inhaled.

The third one

Voice one - No one ever told me that I existed. Voice two - What do you mean? Voice one - There is a no-one in me... Voice two - Is it... a He? Voice one - Yes, though it's none, a non binary He. Voice two - I am sorry I don't follow you, binary? Voice one - The...

Note 2. Unprogramm

Note 2   Nothing exists. The variables of yourself before yourself are all the things you are not. You are not able to see you, and if you do... you'll never be able to unprogram 'you'. Each variable's face profile are razor edges of the pages of a book. I read...

Note 1. Trauma

Note 1     Capitalism sells and rewards the ego. Those who are not ego-driven cannot be directly reflected by capital, since capitalism reflects the project of a value, not the value itself. Capitalism is a mirror of dreams, plans, goals and thus of the...

// M. López


My urge belongs to my age I am not a painter but I like being a painterist - God, why do I love women? - It's OK, you can love them - But God, why are they so stupid? - So that they can love you If it's not fun, it is not music Girl take care you might get a sun tan...


I miss you And I love you As the weather misses the rain Aren't we the same? Why am I mourning if There is no time, nor space Between us I've seen you So many times reflected And so I have confirmed Over and over and over And over Again It is to you who I belong It is...


You have done so much for me First step, you betrayed me And so I narrowed And coming in of the sun You hurted me I could not see I could not pass my own way I tried and blamed myself So much Until I felt in love With you Again And so, you betrayed me again And my...


"The world of forms is created by the Ego But in this world Nature still rules" I did hear you, but I did not like what I heard Anyway Yes You love the... Let's know about many things... Yes, that's what we want to do I know a german That's right Let me get that one...


Who are you Can I know your name? It is all all over the place Sure Have you noticed? The stars? Yes, they look bright When you are around How come It be That we are still In the dark Have you been there? No, I haven't Have you heard how it looks like? Hmm ein bischen...

// Stories

From Buenos Aires to Berlin
From Buenos Aires to Berlin

The trip out of Buenos Aires Before launching the online sale in Argentina I felt I needed to learn more about what was happening in the world regarding this new form of art. I suspended all my activities in Buenos Aires, closed my studio, gave the keys to my good...

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The origin of WatsOnArt
The origin of WatsOnArt

Who am I? My name is Josie Watson and I am an argentinean artist of Scottish descent. I am recognized in my country for the series of paintings “Automatic City” inspired in the City of Buenos Aires (my homeland) that introduced me to the local market at a very young...

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