“I want to bring art closer to people”

“I am a millennial artist”


I believe in the new Cultural Identities


“My inspiration are the new generations”



I am a self-taught plastic artist and IT entrepreneur. I found my own pictorial visual style that identifies my work as only 15 years old. Since then I have dedicated myself to studying self-taught, conducting independent research that has brought me closer to speaking with important people of our time from the culture and technological scenes.

As a woman and an artist I experienced from a very young age the still present old fashioned barriers of the art market typical of the social structure of previous generations. Initially my paintings were sold in the Argentine market because it was believed that they were made by a mature man of 60 years. This was due to the strength of the visual style, good exhibitions from my curriculum, and excellent sales at local auctions. Thanks to the quality of my work, I was early introduced to the art market, which I studied and understood thoroughly.

I am recognized in my country, Argentina, for the series of paintings «Ciudad Automática de Buenos Aires». In 2017, the series of 60 paintings that portrays spaces, characters and customs inspired by my city was mentioned and highlighted by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires for its heritage value and character of technological innovation.

In that year I had felt the need to break away from the traditional structure of the art market to introduce my own identity as a young millennial. This is how I found a new concept of art in the fusion of my collection paintings with Augmented Reality. I call this concept IT-Art. This new genre of art arises from the new artistic-interactive experiences that merge sound, movement, digital content and tangible art, expanding the limits of art.

Today I am dedicated to IT-Art research, the development of my art brand WatsOnArt and the production of new series of interactive paintings inspired by different cities around the world.



Josie Watson

Founder & CEO Director

The creation of immersive experiences requires the intertwining of very diverse disciplines. In each of my projects, I bring together artists from different disciplines who stand out for their special dedication to the fusion of art and technology. It is an honor for me to serve artists whom I admire and follow closely over the years.




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