I am an artist who creates immersive experiences to express the interaction of the human being with the new paradigms of the emerging digital era. I find my inspiration in the space where the two real worlds are connected: the tangible and the digital world. I find of special interest  issues of identity, neuroscience, technology and evolution. 

// Josie Watson

Painter, multimedia artist and independent researcher of IT-Art

I am recognized in my home country by my artwork “Automatic City” a series of paintings on canvas inspired by the city of Buenos Aires acquired by private collectors, art enthusiasts and some local museums. In 2017 I added Augmented Reality (AR) to the series through the mobile application WatsOnArt. The fusion of art and technology in paintings that portray spaces, characters and customs inspired by the idiosyncrasies of a city introduced me to the enormous need to work on the preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity through the use of new technologies.  This work allowed me to specialize as Art Director of immersive experiences inspired by cultural heritage.I approach both my work and that of my colleagues from the enhancement of the artistic content looking for the right technological technique that allows to “augment” its expression in resonance with its original aesthetic and interactive forms.

The creation of immersive experiences requires the intertwining of very diverse disciplines from scratch drawing to software testing. In each of my projects I select and bring together artists who stand out for their own art and their colaborative workflow style. It is an honor for me to work with the people whom I admire.





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