“I am a millennial artist”


I believe in the new Cultural Identities


“My inspiration are the new generations”


                                                                “I want to bring art closer to people”


I am a self-taught plastic artist, nerd, tech lover and entrepreneur. I found my visual style from an early age. My paintings were initially sold in the Argentine market because it was believed that I was a 60-year-old man. In 2017 I felt the need to break out off traditional art to express my own identity as a young millennial introducing Augmented Reality and other medias to my work.

I learned interactive art on my own and created WatsOnArt. Through the series of paintings “Automatic City” (originally inspired by the city of Buenos Aires) I found a new concept of art as an interactive experience itself were sound, motion, the digital content and the tangible reality fusion to create a new form of immersive art that I like to call “IT-Art”.

In each of my productions I direct a team of creative and cultural professionals and IT specialists whom I admire. We all understand Art as a necessary basic human experience. My dream is to stablish WatsOnArt as an IT-Art brand that transcends our time and fosters the future in Arts.


Josie Watson

Founder & CEO Director

In each project I work alongside artists from all disciplines. I am honored to give my know-how to merge art and technology for the creation of new group expressions. The team is varied, freelance and varies by project and region..

Cultural advisor – Juan Ramón Rojas Silveira.
Business analyst – Jesica Alberti.
Main assistant – Daniela Muriega.
Screenwriter and actress – Nuria Schneller.
QA Data analyst – Rodrigo Gómez Poviña.
Film Direction – Lucas Balbiani.
2D and 3D animation – Agustín Vidal Saavedra.
Sound – Matías Vidal Saavedra.
Digital Projections – Joaquín Bossié.
Interactivity – Luciano Toledo.
Costume designer – Laura Nebbia.




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