josie watson
josie watson

Josefina Watson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June 1988 as the fifth child of Ana Lozada and Alejandro Watson, parents of a large family of seven children.

At the age of two had a severe accident when she drowned in the swimming pool of her family house. After seven days in intensive therapy she survives though with a definite behavior modification that lead to express her feelings almost exclusively through painting.

At the age of ten had a second accident. Survived with no physical sequels to hitting her head on a rock when falling from a race horse. The aftermath of these two accidents would scour the artist’s fantastic and emotional world. That year enroles to Ema Machado’s workshop of figurative oil painting. The art master takes the little girl among her students (mostly over 40 years old) surprised by her committed attitude towards arts.

At the age of fifteen founds her own personal style by encouraging herself to draw daily compulsive “automatisms” (a meditation method to perform drawings until getting into a non thinking state of mind). This drawings  sprang from her hand distinctly in black color.

At this age created her first atelier and dedicated to the study of drawing and painting, focusing on creative behaviors oriented to the right side of the brain and the influence of the mindfulness unconscious).

Studied Visual Arts at the Santa Ana and San Joaquin faculties and later did a High Technical Degree in Fine Arts at the New School of Design and Communication.

Watson’s purpose was to study the classic techniques of drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, composition and history of Art, and combining them with 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, traditional and digital illustration, analog and digital photography, real and virtual scenery, and aesthetics of digital communication.

This education allowed her to shape the complementary academic-digital discourse that she was looking for and that allows her to develop currently as a plastic artist and creator of interactive art.

On the year 2009 she meets Martin Riwnyj and Miguel Lescano Tena who also introduce her to a group of argentinean consecrated artists from the 90s. She learns takes them as inspirations fo create “Automatic City”, a series of paintings inspired in the city of Buenos Aires.

From 2010 to 2011 the joung artist works in the art auction house Arroyo Remates SRL where she gets familiar with the background of the local art market, meets great artists, museum directors, gallery owners and important collectors.

In 2011, Adolfo Nigro, a renowned Argentine artist, discovers Watson’s paintings and presents them to Banco Ciudad (the national central bank of the city of Buenos Aires) as an emerging artist. That year, the artist exhibits her work at ArteBA as a representative of the first Emerging Artists’ Auction in Buenos Aires giving a start to the formal quotation of her work, despite the fact that people thought her paintings belonged to a 60-year-old man with an exotic surname.

She participates in that auction with a painting on canvas from the series “Ciudad Automática”, which is sold at a remarkable price, inaugurating the series in the national market. In the following years her artworks stands out with constant sales and record prices in this category, also achieving international recognition.

In 2012 is invited to exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museums of La Plata (the capital of Argentina) by the Friends association of the museum led by the artist César López Osornio, who promoted the career of new references in Latinamerica.

In 2013 is invited to exhibit at the Salón Municipal León Gallardo in San Miguel in a collective show of outstanding emerging artists from the West Zone of Greater Buenos Aires; and the following year holds an individual show at the Municipal Saloon Leopoldo Marechal in Hurlingham.

Both renowned salons, exhibition spaces of great renowned artists of the West Zone of Great Buenos Aires, achieved the recognition of the artist in her area of origin, to which the artist refers with great affection.

In 2014 is invited to exhibit at the British Arts Center (BAC) of the Argentine Association of English Culture (AACI) in the city of Buenos Aires, a three floor high level exhibition center that the artist used to frequent as a child because of her involvement with the British community. 

The artist presented a special collection of works from the series “Automatic city” that were in the possession of private collections of the city. Many of these works had never been exhibited before and the exhibition attracted the interest of local and international galleries. 

In 2015 is invited to the Extraordinary Auction of Banco Ciudad, where participates with a large format work inspired by the National Congress of Argentina. This auction sale recategorizes her as a consecrated argentine artist and the artwork was acquired as a gift for an important Argentine politician. 

In the same year she funds “Proyecto Balvanera” in the Balvanera neighborhood where she lived, in the city of Buenos Aires, a private neighborhood initiative with which she begins practice in mural format.

In 2016 Watson feels the need to separate off the traditional track and incorporate technology to her artwork as it identifies her as a millenial. For this she invited artists from other disciplines to reinterpret “Automatic City”. For a year, she intertwined drawing, painting, sculpture and dance with digital platforms, sensors, interactive software, projectors and digital platforms. 


In 2017, with the sponsorship of Banco Ciudad, Watson opens the interactive exhibition “Automatic city of Buenos Aires”, a plastic art show with visual projections, interactive installations with sensors and a mimo-tango performance.

“Automatic City of Buenos Aires”

 Artists: Nuria Schneller (script and dance), Joaquín Bossié (digital projections), Agustín Vidal Saavedra (animations), Lucas Balbiani (film direction), Matías Vidal Saavedra (sound and composition), Luciano Toledo (interactive installations) and other collaborators.  

– July 2017. The Honour Room of Buenos Aires’s Legislature (in the same room where Evita Perón and Gustavo Cerati were mourned). 

– September 2017. BADA, La Rural. At the first stand of the incipient artists direct to public fair, Watson presented the interactive artworks to 60,000 people.

– October 2017. “La Caja de Cristal”, headquarters of Banco Ciudad, an emblematic building of modern architecture through which 15,000 people pass daily. 

– January 2018. Hotel Residencial Marítimo de Mar del Plata, covering a summer season with 100,000 people staying at the hotel. 

– May 2018. MAC, Mercado de Arte de Córdoba, invited by the Ministry of Tourism of the City of Buenos Aires, the artwork was presented to 70,000 people. 

After this sponsorship on the following year the artist turns the year experience from the exhibition “Automatic City of Buenos Aires” and creates the brand WatsOnArt®.

In “The Night of the Museums” in 2018, the App WatsOnArt is launched with an exhibition at “Los 36 Billares”, a noble saloon of the City of Buenos Aires, with the support of FEDESPA (Federation of Spanish Societies in Argentina). The institution also granted her a scholarship for a course of postgraduate studies for the administration and preservation of cultural heritage at UNTREF university.

Through the free download of the App, the viewer can experience how the artist endows her paintings with a new form of expression in which music, animation and the traditional format merge to create a new genre of art that is still undefined. 

With the WatsOnArt® brand, it develops products that allow it to bring its art to people at more accessible prices, offering another alternative to the exclusivity of the art world. 

In 2019 undertakes a self-taught research tour regarding culture and art visiting cities in Europe and the UK to study the next steps of WatsOnArt®. She is invited to participate in Le Nuit Blanche in Paris at the CRI (The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity a part of the Paris Descartes University but is funded by the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller) for which she prepares together with a fellow artist from Berlin an art installation inspired by water.

In early 2020 Watson travels to London to present “Automatic City” in the first Tilt Brush Global Competition and Art Fest, where she improved the bet of the event with the AR experience of WatsOnArt App. The event was held at the Realities Centre in Whitecity and featured VR (Virtual Reality) artists and jurors who participated for a grand first prize. This participation gave the artist a better understanding of the new genre of art being recently created by the new immersive technologies and put her in contact with experts in the field.

This journey ends in Berlin, where she is currently focused on producing new work.

Josie Watson currently lives in Buenos Aires and in Berlin, from where she works on  WatsOnArt®. Her artwork is mainly found in private collections and museums in Argentina, as well as in Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Spain, France and Italy.



FEDESPA scholarship for postgraduate course of studies on Administration for Cultural Heritage preservation at UNTREF university. 

Banco ciudad private sponsor 2017-2018 for the itinerant interactive exhibition “Automatic City of Buenos Aires”.


Municipal patronage through the “Mecenazgo” platform of Buenos Aires, for the exhibition “Automatic City of Buenos Aires”.

Municipal patronage through the “Mecenazgo” platform of Buenos Aires,  for the mural painting social activity “Balvanera Project”.



2019  Palermo Art Fair, Bs As, Arg. 

          San Telmo Art Fair, Bs As, Arg. 

2016 III  International Art Biennial. CCBorges, (CABA). 

2015  Collective. Extraordinary Auction, Banco Ciudad (CABA). 

 2013  Argenta Tower Hotel, Retiro (CABA). 

        Collective. Emerging artists, Leopoldo Marechal Municipal Hall  of Hurlingham (GBA). 

        Collective. Emerging artists, León Gallardo Municipal Hall of San Miguel (GBA). 

       Italianity Day, Il ballo de Matone, Palermo (CABA) 

        Collective exhibition “Art for Hope”, Holocaust Museum, (CABA). 

        Collective exhibition, La Recova, Retiro (CABA). 

2012  Collective exhibition, La Pinguinera, Bella Vista, Bs As. 

       Auction “Nuevos Aires IV”, Banco Ciudad (CABA). 

       Connin Foundation, Auction in benefit of Bs As Golf Club. 

       Record Sale in Auction “Nuevos Aires III”, Banco Ciudad (CABA). 

       Collective Exhibition, New School Foundation (CABA). 

       Collective production, Prestige Murals (CABA). 

2011        Auction for the benefit of the Museo de Arte de La Plata, Arroyo Remates, (CABA). 

       Auction for emerging artists, Banco Ciudad “Nuevos Aires II”, (CABA). 

       Auction for emerging artists, Banco Ciudad “Nuevos Aires I”, (CABA). 

       Collective exhibition, La Recova, Gallery Night Mayo (CABA). 

       Collective exhibition, Espacio Baliña, (CABA). 

       Collective exhibition, “Homage to the Women of Rock”, Retiro (CABA) 

2009 III Art Marathon, Alliance Française, Bella Vista (GBA) 

2008 II Art Marathon, Alliance Française (Bella Vista, Buenos Aires) 

        Group exhibition, I Galery Night, Beccar (GBA). 

2007 Group exhibition, Hurlingham Cultural House, Hurlingham (GBA). 

        Group exhibition, Gallery of Nations (CABA). 

        Group Exhibition, Colegio Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (CABA). 

        Volunteers, Volkswagen Art Truck, Cariló (Prov. Bs As). 

2005 Group Exhibition, Sepia Group, Municipal Hall, San Miguel (GBA) 

        Volunteering, Volkswagen Art Truck (Cariló, Buenos Aires). 

2004 Exhibition, Sepia Group, Art Gallery (San Miguel, Buenos Aires). 

2002 Exhibition, Sepia Group, La Huella Hall, Hurlingham (GBA). 



2014 Proxima Centauri Award, ArteAlDia + BADA, Espacio Pilar, (CABA). 

2013 First Prize, Painting, Sociedad Estimulo de Bellas Artes, Ramos Mejía (GBA). 

        Third Prize, Braque Salon Tokyo, Braque Gallery (CABA). 

2012 First Prize, Painting, Sociedad Estimulo de Bellas Artes, Ramos Mejía (GBA). 

2011 Award, Painting and Drawing, Foundation Award, New School (CABA). 

2010 Special Mention, Drawing, Foundation Award, New School (CABA). 

2007 First Prize, I Contest “Fermín Fevre”, Hurlingham Cultural House (GBA). 

2005 Second Prize, XIII Certamen Intercollegial “Las estaciones de Vivaldi, San Isidro (GBA). 

2003 First prize, XII Certamen Intercollegial “Puerto de frutos”, San Isidro (GBA). 

2002 First Prize, 11th “San Isidro” School Contest, San Isidro (GBA). 




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