My art foundation comes from oil painting on canvas. I have been painting since the age of 2 years old after surviving from an accident that would leave me lifelong sequels. The practice of painting since a very young age and finding my own style brought me close to consecrated artists from my homeland, Argentina, who shared with me the -an old school- approach to creation. These artists opened the door for me to reach great achievements and experiences, imprinting in me a long lasting passion for cultural heritage preservation. 

Art Director

To work in the creation of immersive art experiences has always been my dream.  As a Creative Director it is an honor fullfil my role together with the people whom I admire: from artists, directors, cultural managers, technicians, music and sound specialists, scenery artists, motion graphics animators, software developers and specialists from different professions, who we all consecrate to the endeavor of intertwining our expertise into a new and unique form of art.


Arte Interactivo

Mx Watson


Ciudad Automática

de Buenos Aires

Automatic City Zeitgeist

Nueva producción en Berlín

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