// Mx Watson

Painter, multimedia artist and Art director

I am recognized in Argentina by the artwork “Automatic City of Buenos Aires” a series of paintings on canvas inspired by the city of Buenos Aires. Since 2011 this work was positioned in the argentinean art market, and it was acquired by private collectors and local museums.

In 2017 with the sponsorship of Banco Ciudad, the official bank of the city, and winning a fund from the city council of Buenos Aires I created an interactive exhibition for the presentation of this series of paintings enhanced with Augmented Reality (AR). The fusion of art and technology in paintings portraying the idiosyncrasy of a city introduced me to the preservation of Cultural Heritage of Humanity through the use of new technologies. After this project I specialized as an Art Director, my goal is to be the key connector between traditional and diverse, tangible and imaginative, analogic and digital. My role is to bring together artists and technicians into a new workflow style for the creation of immersive experiences that pursue Cultural Heritage preservation.

To create immersive experiences requires intertwining very diverse disciplines, as for example, knowledge from scratched storyboard drawings to agile softwares for digital production and testing.  It is an honor for me to work with the people whom I admire from visual artists, art directors, historians, musicians, animators, programmers and other IT specialists.





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