Mx Watson, an Argentinean national, is a painter and art director, who found their personal style through the influence of the aftermath of an accident suffered at the age of two. For the artist, to paint is to return to that very moment, and, from there, to create. The use of black and white characteristic of their works comes from a sequence of visual images and emotions elicited by the event. 

In the year 2000, at the age of 11 were admitted in the “Sepia Group” where they learned oil painting. From this young age they started to exhibit their work and meet fellow painters. At the age of 16 they created a series of artworks they called “Automatisms”, a drawing-painting technique related to the automatic writings of the Dadaists and the sumi-e oriental aesthetics.

Their career came to prominence in 2011, through their series of paintings titled “Automatic City” which achieved record sales at the Nuevos Aires event, a series of emerging artists auctions of the city of Buenos Aires. By 2016, their work was being sold at auctions together with prominent contemporary artists. In 2017, with the sponsorship of Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Watson enhanced “Automatic City” with Augmented Reality, and created an iterative interactive exhibition that was invited to be presented in the Hall of Honor of the Palace of the Legislature at the city of Buenos Aires. 

In 2018, as a continuation of this experience and with the sponsorship of Fedespa (Federation of Spanish Societies in Argentina), they were awarded a scholarship to take a course of studies in Cultural Heritage Preservation at the University of Tres de Febrero (UnTref), which allowed them to understand the need to enhance the value of cultural heritage through its intertwining with new digital arts and technologies. Parallel to their pictorial career, they had developed as illustrator and animator creating illustrations for the marketing and video game industry. All this experience together laid the foundation to create their own brand of interactive art WatsonArt®.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Watson was granted an artist visa in Germany, where they were invited for a fellowship at the “Monopol” Cultural Center in the Reinickendorf area of Berlin. Influenced by German culture, the study of Expressionism in literature and painting, the history and architecture of the former GDR and the work of Käthe Kollwitz, they continued their work by creating a new series entitled Automatic City: Zeitgeist. This work will be presented on September 15 of this year at the Argentine Embassy in Germany, in the Charlottenburg area of the city.

Mx Watson’s art pieces belong to private collections in Argentina, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Spain and Germany.


Arte Interactivo

Mx Watson


Ciudad Automática

de Buenos Aires

Automatic City Zeitgeist

Nueva producción en Berlín

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