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Welcome! I am Josie Watson

I’m a painter, art director, and entrepreneur in the IT-Arts world. I make paintings with my own hand technique and personal style, and I enhance them with Augmented Reality (AR).

To present my artwork, I create immersive art experiences in the form of interactive art exhibitions. My goal is to merge art and technology to bring them closer to people through my art brand:


Into another dimension

The fusion of art and technology gives me the possibility to expand the limits of my artistic expression. Technology gives imagination the power to become real in the digital realm. In this way, imagination can be felt through the eyes, ears, and body movements, allowing artists like me to shape our own worlds within a parallel dimension and invite others to experience art.

To do this, I use AR as a function that allows me to add digital information such as sounds, movement, shapes, colors and objects onto a tangible work of art. The work of art becomes an anchor to reality and a threshold to the other dimension.


After a year of travels doing my own research on IT-Art, I was about to travel to Buenos Aires -Argentina- to do an installation for the BA Arts Week, but then COVID-19 pandemic was announced. I was obliged to stay in Berlin with hardly any money and living on a friend’s sofa for two months.

Sadly, the pandemic impacted so dramatically Argentina that the economy came down (once again) and now it’s certain that the know-how I got through the last 4 years of research and experience would never have a professional possibility in my home country.


From April to June 2020 I devoted myself to study even harder and create a new inspirational project inspired by Berlin. Since my first visit to Berlin in 2019 my impression is that this is the only city in the world where the rhythm of life had stopped many years ago and the pace of life develops in slow motion, as if the needles of the clock turned counterclockwise.I nourished myself during Corona with the dreams of Albert Einstein, astronomic studies on dark matter and time’s relativity theories, my own life-death experience and the company of exceptional people who also understand what it means to me that in Berlin “Time has Another Art”.

Your support

So far this shift of plans has become the greatest opportunity in my life as I presented the new concept in Berlin and was granted with a studio and a two years VISA! So now it’s my time to reinvent myself and achieve the last missing point: Economic support.
For this I’ve decided to create a community around my art production. People in the Watsoñando Family support financially me and my remote team of artists.

My community receives first-handed information about WatsOnArt’s productions, behind the scene insights of my current new life in Berlin (thoughts, photos, videos, notes, podcasts), and have the exclusivity to give direct feedback on my ongoing productions. This financial support inspires me to study my art concept more deeply every day and to focus solely on producing my best art possible.
So now, with this blessings and your help, surely it is time to go for it a 100%


I invite you to become part of the “Watsoñando” family (“Watsondreaming”) a private community of people that supports my art productions. I believe art saves people and so I want to wring its influence to you through my artwork. My main motivation is the community I work for and belong to. Your participation means the world to me.
You become a member by doing monthly donations. On behalf of your amazing help you receive a reward. Absolutely any help is a massive THANK YOU.

I am producing a new collection of paintings inspired by Berlin called “Time has another art” that will be exhibited in this city with it’s own performance show in a private event where I will invite you soon 🙂

My community’s support goes to:- Art supplies- Art Concept research- Performance’s expenses- Artists collaborations- Life expense

How much things cost in your life Josie? (to have in mind)

5 euros = One round-trip day ticket. Monthly transportation: 95 euros p/person.
10 euros = 1 professional brush. Monthly art materials: 600 euros.
25 euros = One tube 200 ml paint. Monthly painting expenses: 300-500 euros.
50 euros = Electric equipment. Monthly equipment exps. : 200-600 euros.
200 euros = One big sized canvas.
400 = Half of a studio rent.
750 = Half of life expenses of one person living in Berlin.


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