Legislatura Porteña de Buenos Aires

Legislatura Porteña de Buenos Aires

The exhibition “Ciudad Automática de Buenos Aires” by the plastic artist Josie Watson, which is based on art and interactivity within the city, is exhibited in the Hall of Honor of the Buenos Aires Legislature. It is available until July 21st.

“Ciudad Automática de Buenos Aires” is an art exhibition that presents the city of Buenos Aires through art and interactivity. It is an exhibition with works inspired by everyday places and characters of the city of Buenos Aires, created by the plastic artist Josie Watson. It intertwines her paintings on canvas with other disciplines, such as music, literature, sculpture, digital projections, augmented reality, interactive installations and social networks.

The aim of WatsOnArt is to promote art through a platform that enables urban interactivity. Josie Watson is currently working on commissions for the Automatic City series, developing the Automatic City® project and directing the muralism initiative in his neighbourhood entitled “Balvanera Project”.

Josie Watson has been developing the Automatic City® painting series since 2009, with which she has gained recognition in the national market. She was invited to exhibit in 2011 at ArteBA together with Banco Ciudad, in 2012 at the Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art of La Plata by the Association of Friends of MACLA, in 2014 at the art gallery of the British Arts Center (BAC) of the Argentine Association of English Culture (AACI) where she exhibits works of the series Ciudad Automática belonging to private collections of the city never before exposed.



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