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I work on the symbolism of the aboriginal peoples, because I always mind our true identity as a nation, that is, composed of various cultures. From this the question arises: What are we? 

How are we as a whole? To really know this we must know where we come from. Most of us descended from ships some couple of hundreds of years ago. Remember that the aboriginals have been around this land for thousands of years. This conjunction of people makes us, latinamericans, how we are. There is a question I still cannot answer. What I do have clear is a part of the human “being”, that’s why I dedicate my art courageously to the original peoples. I do not give my works a title in spanish or english as I do not intend to impose a message, but accompany them with a “verbal register”, a word in Quechua (the native language par excellence), because in Quechua what it is said has a deep and committed meaning, with greater power than writing.

With my art, I intend to honor our origins. I hope each viewer experiences and draws their own conclusions with their own different perspective. Just remember: It is enough to be.

I am a fanatic of the young generations of our time, I am convinced that dialogue with them is direct mutual growth between history and communication. Observing them doing graffiti I pointed out my personal technique using modern graffiti materials with old ones, like for example shoe ink (for leather) on different types of surfaces, like the ones I used in this artworks.

In this set of works, through Augmented Reality, I merge my art with the work of the painter, draftsman, colleague and close friend: Emilio José Moreno. We found that the fusion of our visual languages, his figurative and mine abstract, would allow us to express more deeply the symbols that govern our lives.

My abstract works depict the intentions of a latinamerican educated in the European way fighting to find himself against it, questioning it. Their style “Structuralism” is manifested in the treatment of the original cultures of the south of America (not so long ago known as the Viceroyalty of the River Plate) breaking my internal and spiritual structures, to take me in each expression to kneel on the earth, touch it with my hands, kiss it and fill my gaze with its color.

Juan Ramon Rojas Silveira





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