Auction. Emerging artists of Buenos Aires. Record Sale

Auction. Emerging artists of Buenos Aires. Record Sale

Banco Ciudad continues its policy of supporting emerging artists

October 15, 2012 Mario Gilardoni 0 Comments

Written by Mario Gilardoni

With its “New Aires Art” label, the Bank continues to promote auctions with works by young artists who have not yet entered the commercial auction circuit. And to do so, it does not spare any of the attributes that surround its traditional operations: a first-class catalogue, advertising support and the entire sales structure at the service of this operation.

The public rewarded with the best offer a mixed technique of Josie Watson, who did not hesitate to put everything in the grill since “Avenida Corrientes – De la serie automática” obtained the first prize of the Salón Estímulo de Ramos Mejía. Made this year in a measure of 100×120 cm it was paid 8.625 pesos.

With an image that reveals the Caribbean spirit of his work, Ebenezer Leyva of Cuban origin, collected 6,400 pesos for “El vuelo del Icaro” of 136×90 cm. Third place on the price podium went to a sculpture by Federico Klarich made up of wooden assemblages that gave shape to the “Dog” of 80x110x55 cm which was paid 4,000 pesos.

The Bank’s firmness in supporting this philosophy of encouraging young artists was reflected in the synthetic comment of Carlos Leiza -responsible for the sales area- “For next year we plan to hold three auctions similar to those we held in 2012”.

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“Avenida Corrientes”, 100×120 cm, 2012.

MACLA – Pilar Carballido / Josie Watson

MACLA – Pilar Carballido / Josie Watson

Museo Metropolitano de Arte Contemporáneo de La Plata invites de artists Pilar Carballido and Josie Watson to exhibit their urban artworks in the Dardo Rocha Building, in the city of La Plata.

Pilar Carballido and Josie Watson at MACLA


Exhibition of paintings by visual artists Pilar Carballido and Josie Watson who present their work jointly in room 8 of the MACLA.

Carballido’s work moves through geometric abstraction in which representative features can be recognized. In Watson’s work, realistic painting fades into forms that give relevance to the figure, the basis of its expression.

Pilar Carballido was born in Buenos Aires in 1974. She began her studies at Claudia Masucceli’s workshop and later continued her training at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. She obtained a scholarship to attend the workshops of Clelia Speroni and Miguel Bengochea, with whom she continued studying at the Ernesto de la Carcova School of Fine Arts, having as teachers also Ricardo Laham, Jesús Marcos and Juan Astica. Throughout his career he has had numerous individual and group exhibitions, among which are ARTE BA, 2011; Arroyo Gallery, Abstraction, 2010; Hotel Bel Air, Gallery Nights, 2009; Metropolitan Museum, 2008; C. C. Recoleta, 1997.

Josie Watson is self-taught and began studying painting at the age of 11 with Grupo Sepia. In 2006 she began her university studies at the Santa Ana National Teachers’ College and set up her own workshop.  Then she will take a new artistic orientation by studying at the New School of Design and Communication where she combines the classical techniques learned so far with the latest technology in graphic and multimedia design. Since 2007 he has been studying and producing the series Ciudad Automática. Besides being a painter, she is a digital illustrator and a muralist.



Room 8

Opening: September 7, 2012, 7pm

Ends: 7 October 2012



First Emerging Art Auction of Buenos Aires – Banco Ciudad

First Emerging Art Auction of Buenos Aires – Banco Ciudad

For the first time, work by emerging artists was auctioned

It was organized at Banco Ciudad. Out of more than 70 lots, two-thirds were sold.

EMERGING ART. “Novel aesthetic proposals, without space in traditional galleries,” defined the head of Art at Banco Ciudad.

Tagged as: Banco Ciudad cultura Profundo, creative, dynamic”, harangue the auctioneer. Three adjectives to motivate a room that responds with laziness to the plastic works reproduced by plasma TVs and that are offered, one after the other, as “good future investments” of emerging artists that, it is assumed, will make tomorrow more than what is spent today.

The scene takes place in the Santa María de los Buenos Ayres Auditorium, at the Esmeralda branch of Banco Ciudad. For the first time, a public auction of works by emerging artists from the local plastic art scene was organized, and in this way they find their opportunity to make their way into the gallery circuit and enter the famous “market”, that elusive space where silent battles for recognition are fought.

“What is emerging is not defined by the age of the artists, but by those novel aesthetic proposals, of plastics without space in the traditional galleries and that, in general, are still in full learning”, defines Cristina Alonso, head of Art of the bank and one of those who made the selection of works to be finished.

The room is not crowded, but more than fifty people are watching the works and smiling with the efforts that the auctioneer Ricardo Vitaliti makes to catch buyers. At first, the works do not arouse much interest, but it is enough for one of the attendees to raise his hand in bidding, so that a small price escalation is triggered: the mechanism of the market operating in the open.

The selection of the works to be auctioned is the responsibility of the bank, but they rely on recommendations from galleries, private collectors and established artists. Two of them, Duillo Pierri and Maggie de Koenisgberg, accompany the students they recommended to the auction, who are now making their debut in the business of selling their creativity.

The aesthetic languages of the auction are multiple and range from the figurative to the geometric and expressionism. Most of the buyers are “young collectors with a mentality, with the capacity to discover what is not yet positioned in the market,” says Alonso.

For the bank’s press secretary, Jorge Velásquez, the experience was encouraging. “For a large auction, with more than 70 lots, two thirds have been sold, with values that doubled or tripled the base,” he says. And he promises to repeat, extending the call to students from universities and art schools who want to make their debut in the market.

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“Un beso en Ciudad Automática”, 120×120 cm, oil on canvas, 2010.

ArteBA – Banco Ciudad

ArteBA – Banco Ciudad



Banco Ciudad continues to support art in all its expressions and chooses arteBA as the space par excellence to showcase its heritage and projects. On this occasion, part of its great artistic collection and a special selection of works by young talents were exhibited, thus fulfilling its desire to bring new art trends to the people of the city.

As it is already a tradition in the successive editions of the Fair, the cycle of Living Talks was carried out; where besides the knowledge given by the team of technicians of the Pignoraticio area of Banco Ciudad, an interesting review of the work of Norman Foster in Buenos Aires was also presented, with special emphasis on the new corporate headquarters of the Bank in Parque de los Patricios.

In addition, the work of artist Carlos Gallardo, “Chupa sangre”, produced in 2003, was presented.

In this way, Banco Ciudad reaffirms its commitment to the city and contemporary art, thus involving the best of both worlds.


Thursday 19th and Saturday 21st at 7pm: “Origin and current situation of the City Bank in art”

Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd May at 19HS: “Norman Foster in Buenos Aires”


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