Voice one – No one ever told me that I existed.
Voice two – What do you mean?
Voice one – There is a no-one in me…
Voice two – Is it… a He?
Voice one – Yes, though it’s none, a non binary He.
Voice two – I am sorry I don’t follow you, binary?
Voice one – The concept of man and wo-man can not be aplied to this «he». He feels different. He thinks different. His otherness was not recognized yet.
Voice two- And why was that?
Voice one – I dont know… Control? … They fear the gods!
Voice two – You mean they are supernatural?
Voice one – Well, in a way, the «thems» are behind the natural.
Voice two – I start to see… Would they revell?
Voice one – I fear not. They suffer too much. As ancient griek goths unthroned their suffering is big, as they are not yet recognized.

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